Monday, May 4, 2015

This is a continuation from yesterdays

My apology for the interruption of your Entertainment  Broadcasting Network from Sundays urban "desk."  I blog on the fly and sometimes I get interrupted by a drug deal or someone hustling me for something, usually a cigarrette.  I am almost always out in the field and write from the frontlines of urban guerrila warfare, called the streets.  Yes, they are mean and filled with slippery and treachorous denizens of this busy "bottom of the ocean,"  twilight realm where anything that aint moving or nailed down is eaten or stolen.  Its a fucking zoo out there (or did I mean, "jungle?").  It doesnt matter.  Its just very action packed and demands hypervigilant attention to your surroundings and every mother fucker "up on in it!"

So, enough lubrication for the money shot.  This is a friends true account of events two nights ago at Powell and Market, at 2am at the big, green, round, metal, self, cleaning oddly redolent of art deco era, imported from France, called by the people who useb them regularly for other than excretory functions, namely recreational consumption of Scheduled narcotics, the acclaimed hotel room of choice of the indigent, the"Space Toilet."  Because, its free!! be a while...likely within a few hours.  Its now 5:29pm.  I have to catch the free food gravy train before it pulls out of the station!(:

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