Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Now THIS Shit Is Funny!

I am not going to remind the reader of the writer, drawing attention away from the serious matter of writing as a vehicle to amuse, entertain and pleasurably absorb the intense interest of the reader.  I strive to engage you that youre compelled to read the whole thing through, that you might miss your bus stop and laugh aloud, once atleast.  A tall order, indeed!

This is funny.  An acquintance went to use the Space Toilet a public restroom structure in a Grench Art Deco style that is round shaped and capacious for a latrine.  These public restrooms are self cleaning automatically after each use.  It
These restrooms that populate major street corners in SF, CA are well known sites popular with homeless and non homeless drug addicts for shooting up and other drug activity.  This is due to lack of available privacy for this activity or lack of meaningful or effective intervention before people are reduced to this level of self abuse on the streets.

So, my friend knocks on the door because its already occupied at 200 am at the popular cable car turnaround at Market Street.  Somebody responds with, "were down for the night."  This means the person inside is not coming out of there until the morning. Naturally, the friend is indignant that someone would assume control of this public restroom by hogging the Space toilet for any extended length of time.  After all, it is public, isnt it?  So he bangs harder on the door insisting his right to entry even with the squatter in there with him. He had to take a leak and such. Whoevers inside capitualates and opens the door.

To my friends surprise he finds that the floirs have been appointed with wall to wall carpet and pictures have been hung on the walls.  To make it weirder still, There is a woman in a wheelchair, a black man and a midget lounging on the carpetted floor smoking a cigar.  My friend had to ask the midget to m9ve to accomodate him inside the toilet now turned apartment to three. I guess San Francisco rent is so high, people are moving into public toilets as a free alternative?  This is just weird and goofy as hell. I mean what a cast of characters who seem rather unlikely in their diversity.

This definitely is something that would happen here in San Francisco where weird odd occurrences are just banal in tbeir regular appearances everywhere.

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